Hand Tools

Hand tools are the basic manual equipment used to carry out a variety of voluntary tasks, which require force. Unlike the mechanical devices, these tools need manual efforts to be operated and are considered less hazardous than automated appliances. Hand tools are available on our portal in a variety of sizes/shapes, and can be utilised in a number of departments, such as, construction, home and lifestyle, electronics, gardening/landscaping, mechanical jobs and automotives. All such tools are sturdy and durable, and are from the catalogues of big brands, such as Venus, Nicon, JTC, Mac Master, JK Tools, Crystal, Taparia, Ambika, JCB, Everest, Stanley and Blue Point. The most prominent types of hand tools listed are cutters, crimpers, allen keys, bearing pullers, braces, chisels, hammers, nail guns, riveter, rubber mallet, screw auger, wrenches and spanners.

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