Material Handling and Packaging

The big warehouses and factories usually contain several big and sizeable containers/packages, which are to be stocked at specific areas inside. Although, this task may be done manually, it will consume a considerable amount of time and efforts from labourers. Consequently, most of these structures make use of material handling and packaging implements to transport the storage items from one shelve to another. You can search through our portal, a number of these handling and packaging equipment, such as, Bow Shackles, Anchorage Points, Asbestos Rope, Hooks & Connectors, Hoists, Slings, Pulleys, Lifters and Bags. All of these products come handy in packing and maintaining stocks for several types of industries, like, transportation, construction, automation, manufacturing processes and aviation. We facilitate major brands selling these items, like ASAHI, Hercules, Kepro, Sumer, Indef, Usha Martin, Turbo, Big Bull, Stanley and Godrej.

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