Cylindrical photoelectric sensors


The Ø18mm cylindrical photoelectric sensors BR Series features long detection distance up to 20m and high-speed response time under 1ms. The Series also features improved noise resistance with digital signal processing. The BR Series is available in 4 different sensing modes making it practical for a wide variety of applications. Also, the BR Series is available in connector types, offering easier maintenance and wiring work.

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Product Description

* Realizes long sensing distance (20m) (through-beam type)
* Superior noise resistance with digital signal processing
* High-speed response time under 1ms
* Built-in reverse power polarity and short-circuit (overcurrent) protection circuit
* Suitable for sensing in narrow space (narrow beam type)
* External sensitivity adjustment (except Through-beam type)
* Light ON, Dark ON switchable by control wire (except Through-beam type)
* Excellent environment-resistance performance with glass lens(BR4M)
* Protection structure IP66 (IEC standard)




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